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The Importance of Lighting for Children By Lareina

By January 29, 2020 No Comments

Children enjoying the led lights.

Light is one of the most important things in our lives. It also plays a vital role in children’s play. When children play in the outside playground, they are really interested in hiding under the play kitchen in the little hiding spot; When we are in the classroom, they love our “cozy box” with a blanket that partially covers it. Hiding in a darker place or  dimming the lighting can give them a sense of security.

We have provided many ways to explore light in our classroom: children like carrying the battery powered candle lights around and showing it to other friends, noticing how the brightness changes in different places in the classroom.  Our light table is always a hit, and they often put magnetic puzzles with different colors on it.

Dancing to the rhythm of the lights.

I have also noticed that when we turn on the lights or roll up the curtains, children get really excited and say “Lights!” However, when children get too excited, we also use the lighting as a way to calm them down. As long as we turn off the light, children “freeze” for a moment then become quieter. Recently our Chef,  Gerry, brought to the children his fancy LED light speaker. The children gathered in the nap room and started to dance and sing along with the music and the changing lights. They were so amazed by seeing different colors and shapes of lights which were reflected on the ceiling.

Lighting can enhanced the ambience for a short period of time and  bring children into a magical world where they enjoy themselves.


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