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Solitary Play is important too!

By September 11, 2019 No Comments

We have noticed that some children like to have their own space rather than play with other kids. In some cases, parents may feel a bit worried about their (apparent) lack of sociability, however, playing alone is vital for children’s mental health. Just like adults need some alone time after a busy week of work, children need their alone time too. Individual play is a good way for children to soothe themselves when in a busy or new environment.

Children cultivate their social independence when they play alone, this means that as they grow up, they feel more comfortable and confident in relying on themselves when nobody is available. Simultaneously they are able to learn more about their own feelings; when children are alone, they listen to their inner voice and concentrate on doing their own things. That is the beginning of letting their imagination run wild: they can explore their creativity and develop their confidence by making decisions, having conversations with themselves, making up stories and portraying multiple roles on their own, etc. Therefore, please don’t worry too much when your child plays alone, this is an enjoyable and valuable learning experience for your child!