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Reading by Amanda

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Children reading together.

In Cedar room, most children  love books. Whenever I pick one up they all gather around me. The interest might have stemmed from reading at home with their families or their interests in the colours and shapes presented in the pictures there.

There are lots of benefits to reading with your child: it helps them learn to read by themselves as they grow and to have fun reading. It is found that children who hear a lot of language do better in school and reading is one of the best ways to hear and develop language skills since books can introduce children to new vocabulary. It can also help stimulate your child’s brain socially and have communication skills more developed

Exploring shapes and colors in a book.

A huge benefit with reading with your child is parental connection. By spending time reading with your child they get the attention and parents can let the children make their own decision on which book they want to read and give them a chance to help turn the pages. By asking your children for help it encourage them to participate in the activity. Parents can read expressively using different tone of voices for characters, talk about the pictures and ask open-ended questions to help the child think about the possibilities within the stories and to make it more engaging. A good routine time to read a book is before bed times so the children can learn to sit with a book and relax so through time, they will learn to relax by reading a book means it’s time to sleep.

The best books for children to  vary according to age and interest, but for young infants who are just starting out, ones with texture so the children can have the sensory experience, flapping books where the child can lift the paper are recommended. The themes can range from letters, shapes, colours, seasons, animals and learning routines.