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Gardening as a way to explore nature by Minnie

By August 14, 2019 No Comments
A couple of children's hands are seen holding on to stems of tomato plants as they check for ripe ones.

Children check the tomato plants for ripe tomatoes.

At Mongio our garden’s fruits are ripe for picking!
In the past weeks, children have eaten the fruits from our garden, picked with their own hands. Through this picking experience children learn so many things without realizing it. When children are present in gardening, they start learning to follow directions; They listen to teachers on when to water, when to stir the dirt and how to plant the seeds.
Even for children who are not vocal yet, they see how teachers take care of plants and it helps to build long-term responsibility as well as a sense of empathy for other beings. Planting is an amazing sensory experience for children, especially the younger children. We tried watering plants with young kiddos once, and since then they keep asking to do it every day. The joy of touching the sand, smelling the dirt and getting wet is incredible and irreplaceable.
Through gardening, children will see how long it will take for plants to go from seeds to fruits and how it requires lots of patience and care.

In short, planting is beneficial for children’s growth from many perspectives, yet we often don’t realize it. In fact, every word spoken, every activity done together, every book read, it all adds up to experiences, educational opportunities, and memories for a child!

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