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Cultural diversity by Shinobu

By April 6, 2020 No Comments

Pine Educators and children enjoy the dumplings together.

Our first time celebrating the Lunar New Year was outstanding, and we enjoyed the festive atmosphere. For the celebration, Mongio kids painted paper plates and contributed to make lucky dragons which were placed as decoration on the wall at the gym.

“L” helps stuff dumplings.

Children in Pine Room had several opportunities to learn more about the traditions surrounding this event. One of our children,  “O” showed up dressed in traditional clothes and all the children were very curious and excited to see them. We did a lot of activities such as colouring paper tubes in red to make them resemble red Chinese firecrackers, put stickers on a red cup to make  Chinese lanterns, made tissue paper rat painting (according to Chinese Zodiac, 2020 is the year of Rat), danced with to a traditional music, learned how to say “Happy New Year” in Mandarin and Cantonese, amongst other activities.

In addition to that, the highlight of the celebration was dumpling making!! The children participated in stuffing the dumplings and of course, eating them!

Making lanterns while wearing traditional clothes.

Exposing our cultural diversity to the children helps them understand their surroundings and to accept their world. Their curiosity is infinity. As  educators, we create inclusive environments, provide activities; read books, play music, sing songs, post pictures, display clothes and teach simple words in various languages. It’s our hope that through this kind of exposure, children develop the ability to be aware and respectful of all cultures and identities. In addition, sharing various and fun experiences with friends becomes one of the most treasured moments to remember in their daily life.

Introducing cultural diversity by involving families and community reflects children’s ability of learning. Providing environment which is set up with materials and activities help children to respect and to appreciate the cultures of their friends. Through this experience, they start understanding and accepting their surrounding comfortably. Moreover, sensing some familiarity makes children secure in the environment and makes them expose more cultural diversity. We value each child’s home culture and traditions in our program. We are happy to know what is important to your child/ren.