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Chinese Lunar New Year Dumplings by Lulu

By February 11, 2020 No Comments

Canada is a diverse country and at Mongio we also encourage children to learn about diversity. January 25, 2020 was the Chinese Lunar New Year and typically in China, at this time families would get together to make and eat dumplings. Some of our center’s teachers and children also celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year, so we decided to make and cook dumplings with children as a way of sharing a bit of the history and culture of the New Year.

Ingredients for the dumplings are stored in 3 different ziplock bags.

Ingredients are ready!


  • Cooked chicken
  • Carrots,
  • Baby cabbage (we cut them well, and mix them together with a little sea salt and olive oil)

How to make the dumpling:

Place the dumpling filling on the dumpling wrapper (bought from supermarket) and encourage children to press the edge of the wrapper to close it. We reminded children not to let the dumpling’s “open their mouth”. When all the dumplings are ready you boiled them until cooked through.

In a tray, cooked dumplings are cooling before being served to the children.

Dumplings are cooling off before being served to the children.

We served the dumplings in the classroom and invited everyone to taste them. The children had a lot of fun making them and were very proud of the food they had cooked. We want to encourage everyone to try to make them with their children at home!


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