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Car Seat Safety by Kim

By October 6, 2020 No Comments

With changing times, both in the world and at Mongio, we recognize that with change also comes growth. Some of our little ones have graduated and are now beginning Kindergarten; some are getting older and moving to different classrooms with new teachers; and some are just growing! Now is a friendly reminder to check your child’s car seat to ensure it’s safe for your child. Check out some common mistakes below!

Common mistakes

  1. Car seat is too loose in the vehicle. The base of the car seat should only move a maximum of 1inch side-to-side and front to back. Use both hands to test.
  2. The harness is too loose. Use your fingers to pinch the strap at the child’s shoulder. If you can pinch the fabric between your fingers, it is too loose. Using your finger underneath the strap is NOT a good indicator of tightness.
  3. Turning your child forward-facing too early. It is now recommended keeping your child rear-facing if the weight and height guidelines allow. ** Although your child may be within the weight and height guidelines, an infant or child’s head should not be more than 1 inch from the top of the car seat, regardless of weight and height guidelines
  4. Chest clip is in the wrong position. The chest clip should be even with your child’s armpit.
  5. Booster seats are not being used. A child who is over 40lb but under 4’9” should be using a harnessed forward-facing child seat or a booster seat.


For more information please check out : https://www.bcaa.com/community/child-car-seat-safety