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Every child has treasure hidden within them and our role is to help them unfold and reveal who they truly are. That is why we believe in a child-led teaching method.


Our philosophy is that by being exposed to a variety of meaningful daily learning experiences; even our youngest learners can develop their amazing intellectual capabilities.

Mongio Child Curiosity Values


Creating a safe environment for children to take responsibility for their learning both in success and failure – and to build their self-confidence for the later stages of development. Good guidance allows children to trust their own abilities and judgements and encourage them to strive for progress every day.


Creativity is the fuel for boldness. It allows children to ask good questions as they seek to satisfy their insatiable hunger for knowledge and understanding. When nurtured, it empowers children to become masters of their passions and ambitions.


The ability to trust one’s own abilities and judgements and fearlessly push beyond limits knowing that failures and setbacks are not a reflection of their worth and that they have a support network in place to help them out when they get stuck.


Celebrating what makes children unique will allow them to mature into powerful adults who have learned to maximize their strengths and to forge their own path into adulthood.


Imagination is boundless and the belief where nothing is impossible is one that should be cultivated and encouraged for as long as possible ensuring that children can become the agents of change and innovation that this world needs.


Teamwork is the ability collaborate with each other. Each child should develop a sense of responsibility to themselves as well as to each other. This helps children develop positive social skills like interaction, respect, patience and empathy, is they grow into responsible members of society while remaining exceptional individuals.

Mongio Early Learning Center Teaching

We’re Hiring Faculty and Staff

At Mongio we are looking for loving and passionate teachers who aspire to the Reggio Emilia Approach. We offer competitive salaries and an opportunity to make a difference in children.

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